Dsanktuary's Ghost - Brisbane Underground Brick Storm Drain Urbex Photography & Kayak Adventure

pink bikini urbex milfBrisbane Urban Exploration BikiniBrisbane Underground Tunnel

Went on an Urban Exploration adventure to the Dsanktuary storm drain. We paddled into the outflow at 1 hour before low tide and paddled up to the brick storm drain section. We anchored our craft and began our underground urbex adventure into the unknown

Accommodator - Underground Urban Exploration Storm Drain Photography Adventure

Australian Underground UrbexUnderground Storm DrainUrbex Draining

Went on an Urban Exploration adventure to the large and varied underground storm drain called Accommodator with Darkday. We had heaps of fun and took lots of photos

Rose Bush - Brick Storm Drain Underground Urban Exporation - Brisbane Australia

Urban Exploration Australia UndergroundUrbex Girl UndergroundUrbex
Went on an Amazing Urbex with Darkday to the very beautiful brick storm drain called Rose Bush. It had a low height and was hard to get into

Graffiti Tunnel Urbex - Abandoned Road Tunnel that lies under a busy 6 lane Brisbane Road

Brisbane UrbexBrisbane Urbex GraffitiAustralian Urban Exploration

Urban Exploration Adventure to an Abandoned Road Tunnel that lies under a very busy 6 lane Brisbane City Road with the Urbex Adventurer Darkday

Possum's Eel Cave - Brisbane Underground Brick Storm Drain

Drain Urban ExplorationPossum's Eel Cave UrbexBrick Storm Drain & Urbex
We went on an urban exploration mission into the Brisbane underground. We Urbex 'ed an old brick storm drain called Possum's Eel Cave

The Water Tower - Urbex Adventure, Climbing, Light Painting, Rooftopping, Danger

Australian Urbex UEUrban Exploration AustraliaBrisbane Urban Exploration
Went on a Urban Exploration mission with Darkday to the exciting & dangerous Water Tower. Great adventure. Great Urbex day out

Xotica Ekweleksotika - Underground Brisbane Brick Storm Drain

Urbex BrissyUnderground DrainStorm Drain
Ekweleksotika or Xotica for short, is a beautiful old brick storm drain that lays under the ground in Brisbane

Abandoned Mental Hospital & Asylum with No Floorboards - Extreme Urbex

Brisbane Urbexurbex AsylumUrban Exploration Brisbane

Went on a Urban Exploration adventure to the Abandoned Insane Asylum. It's an extreme Urbex because there are no floorboards!

The Big Abandoned Textitle Factory - A Brisbane Urbex Treasure

Urbex Textile FactoryBrisbane UrbexUrbex Infiltration

Went on an exciting and adventurous urban exploration mission (or urbex for short) to The Big Abandoned Textile Factory

Willy Triple - A Brisbane Storm Drain built with Concrete and Steel

dsankt drainUnderground Silhouetteurbex photographer

We went on a very exciting and adventurous Urban Exploration of the Brisbane RCP Storm Drain called Willy Triple. It was a super cold , wet but fun Urbex until a small slippery accident happened and Darkday fell completely into the water

My Urbex Safety Tips

A Happy EscapeAdventure ExitExciting Exploration
This guide is designed for me, to help me, re-focus my mind, body & gear, before going on an Urbex Mission.

My Photography Guide for Urban Exploration

Milf ExplorerMilf DrainMilf Pipe
I love to take urbex photos & do urban exploration photography....This is how I do it