Willy Triple - A Brisbane Storm Drain built with Concrete and Steel

dsankt drainUnderground Silhouetteurbex photographer

We went on a very exciting and adventurous Urban Exploration of the Brisbane RCP Storm Drain called Willy Triple. It was a super cold , wet but fun Urbex until a small slippery accident happened and Darkday fell completely into the water

Underground CombatDrain Light paintingUrbex Wool Spin

We got crazy and wild with the steel wool of mega sparkage and my plastic toy MP5 as well as led wand sticks

Tidal storm draineasy entry drainunderground Adventure

I voted no on this storm drain entry but the always daring and adventurous Darkday led the way down and into the drain. She said the tide was going out now and the pipe goes uphill from here....I was a bit skeptical....

Brisbane Light paintingUrban Exploration Girl AustraliaWool Spin Australia

We love to do some wild urbex underground light painting or just some soft blue mood lighting

Urbex WomanUrbex SilhouetteHot Sexy Milf Urbex

Darkday is the greatest poser I have ever met.....I love looking at you strutting around down here....

dsankt underground drainsexy ass milf legsunderground light pipe

urban exploration manholeMilf sexy ass butt urbexManhole ladder

twin pipesGraffitiunderground urbex

Dirty GirlGraffiti UndergroundWet Infiltration

Storm DrainManhole Grate urban Exploration of the Brisbane Storm Drain called Willy Triple. Its a standard RCP drain Urbex, with an interesting central room

The Willy Triple storm drain was a fun and exciting urban Exploration. Poor Darkday fell down the little waterfall and got all wet...but saved her camera from getting wet in that interesting central room