Graffiti Tunnel Urbex - Abandoned Road Tunnel that lies under a busy 6 lane Brisbane Road

Brisbane UrbexBrisbane Urbex GraffitiAustralian Urban Exploration

Urban Exploration Adventure to an Abandoned Road Tunnel that lies under a very busy 6 lane Brisbane City Road with the Urbex Adventurer Darkday

Australian UrbexQueensland UrbexBrisbane Urbex Girl

Darkday & I, love to have some fun while in an urban exploration and we always try to do some light painting

Brisbane Urbex PhotographerGraffiti Spray PaintUrbex Light Painting

Darkday loves to do urbex closeups of things she finds on an urban exploration mission

Urban Exploration CloseupGraffiti Spray CansBrisbane Urbex Milf

Darkday just loved this urbex with all the old rusty graffiti spray cans lying around

Australian Brisbane GraffitiAbandoned Road Tunnel BrisbaneSexy Milf Brisbane

Sometimes we just fool about on an urbex and pretend we are a different being, doing something new, just for laughs & for fun photos


We had our Fencing gear in the car so we went an got it and Got It Fully On! It was an urbex fencing match of fun and silliness

Brisbane Urbex FencingAustralian Urbex FencingQueensland Urbex Infiltration

Darkday was having lots of fun in our little urban exploration hideaway and she became Zorro! and stabbed me lots

urban exploration tunnelBrisbane Underground UrbexAustralian Underground Urbex

These are some older pics from an earlier time we explored the Graffiti Tunnel with our little old cameras. I think it looks cleaner then too

It was a great fun day urban exploring the Graffiti Tunnel.

We love to Urbex !

We love to Urbex ! & We love to take Urban Exploration Photos !