Dsanktuary's Ghost - Brisbane Underground Brick Storm Drain Urbex Photography & Kayak Adventure

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Went on an Urban Exploration adventure to the Dsanktuary storm drain. We paddled into the outflow at 1 hour before low tide and paddled up to the brick storm drain section. We anchored our craft and began our underground urbex adventure into the unknown

Brisbane underground infiltrationUnderground UrbexBrick Drain

The initial outflow pipe was wide but low (even at low tide) and I was very skeptical this was the right way but Darkday urged us on and led the way like a true explorer on a mission of discovery, adventure and urbex thrill seeking

Wool Spindsankt graffiti tagstorm drain

We did a wool spin and then we explored and took some photos and then found the original explorers names written on the concrete wall and we felt good that we had come the right way

brick drain holedrain urbexDeScent Urbex

The brick construction of the twin storm drain pipes was beautifully done and it was inter spaced with some new modern concrete sections

undergroundaussie infiltrationQueensland drain

It was very exciting to have found this underground urbex wonder and we took a lot of photos

Dsanktuary's Ghost GateUrban Exploration Darkday DeScentDsanktuary urbex fire

We finally made it to the famous Dsanktuary's Ghost gate and tried hard to take a decent shot of it, then we did a wool spin over it. We wanted to go further and do more underground urban exploration but we had run out of time. If we didn't leave now the entry outflow tunnel would be flooded by the high tide and we would be trapped forever. Time to go !


We still found some new things to see on the way back and took some more photos which nearly cost us dearly in the end

Kayak ExtremeUrbex Boat

The kayak Paddle out of the Dsanktuary's Ghost storm drain outflow at incoming half high tide was a very scarey journey for me. It was very low and we we bumping our heads on the ceiling as we went and it kept getting lower and lower as we got closer to the exit. I felt like very relieved to finally sail out of the outflow into the sunshine.

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Dsanktuary's Ghost was an awesome underground urban exploration into the brick storm drains of the beautiful Brisbane City

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