The Water Tower - Urbex Adventure, Climbing, Light Painting, Rooftopping, Danger

Australian Urbex UEUrban Exploration AustraliaBrisbane Urban Exploration
Went on a Urban Exploration mission with Darkday to the exciting & dangerous Water Tower. Great adventure. Great Urbex day out
Urban Exploration BrisbaneBrisbane UrbexQLD Urbex

Had some wild and crazy fun spinning the steel wool of fiery hot sparks of golden arches

Urbex easy entryInfiltration Brisbaneurbex abandoned Brisbane

Darkday loves to climb things and these ladders were easy as

Urbex Team Brisbane1974 Newspaper UrbexUrbex Aussie Things

Found a newspaper from 1974. It was just lying on the ground, at the bottom of the Water Tower

Urbex Brisbane LoveWool Spin BrisbaneUrbex Maneuvers

We just love to go for a Urbex and do some urban exploration photography

Seek Urbex BalanceUrban Exploration Fun FireUrbex Door

Exploring abandoned places like this old Water Tower is very exciting for us.. We love urban exploration...

Mr Happy UrbexUrbex Tower AccentTop Urbex ExcitementUrbex On Top

Urbex has become a wonderful new hobby for me... I love to go on urban exploration missions every week

Urban Exploration Tank DanceEscape from the Urbex TankDoor to MoreUrban Exploration Blaze of Glory

I was very sick in these photos. I had arranged for this urbex adventure previously and didn't want to let darkday down

Urban Exploration Ladder RustUrbex Dried InsideUrban Exploration Rusty Ladder

The Water Tower urban exploration was an adventure into ladder climbing and being focused and staying calm
The main room had an incredible echo that made it almost impossible to talk to each other

Platform Game Urban Exploration Urbex Sparkler RainUrban Exploration Maneuvers

The Urban Exploration of the Water Tower was a serious urbex adventure into ladder climbing. What a rush!!

The Water Tower was an awesome urban exploration adventure