Rose Bush - Brick Storm Drain Underground Urban Exporation - Brisbane Australia

Urban Exploration Australia UndergroundUrbex Girl UndergroundUrbex
Went on an Amazing Urbex with Darkday to the very beautiful brick storm drain called Rose Bush. It had a low height and was hard to get into

Urban Exploration BrisbaneBrick Storm DrainDrain Wool Spin

We did some urbex light painting inside the Rose Bush brick storm drain. It was fun but challenging because of the constant squat position we had to be in

Light PaintingInfiltrationDrain Fire

Doing an underground Urban Exploration on a brick storm drain of this height is very challenging on the legs and back

Australian UrbexUrban Exploration AustraliaUrban Exploration Brisbane

There was lots of interesting features along the underground path, such as tree roots, collapsed sections and rusted step irons

Place HackingRose Bush OutflowDrain Urbex

We stayed for a good while once we got inside the drain because we were amazed at the quality of the build and we had a little kiss...

Australian DrainingBrisbane DrainingDraining

There was a long set of rusted step irons going up to an old manhole that was I reckon 8 meters

Underground DrainTunnelRusted Iron

This drain had been repaired in the past and some bricks stuck out a bit...

Urbex AustraliaDraining InfiltrationUrbex Queensland

We explored the drain for a long way and had heaps of fun and took lots of photos....

Urban Exploration QueenslandDown Under DrainingEasy Entry Drain

The drain changed colour a bit and was orange then dirty gray then greeny and it was awesome....

------- Brick Tunnel ------- Urban Exploration Underground ------- Urban Exploration Climbing

Darkday led the way, because she is super keen to explore and looks great from

Brisbane Underground AdventureBrisbane Underground DrainingUrbex Draining

This was an unexpected rare find for us because we thought we had done most of the Brisbane brick storm drains

Drain Girl

Thanks for the info ******. You made our day :)

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The brick storm drain called Rose Bush was an awesome underground urban exploration experience

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  1. Great photos and descriptions :)
    Looks like an awesome drain, although a bit cramped :P