Accommodator - Underground Urban Exploration Storm Drain Photography Adventure

Australian Underground UrbexUnderground Storm DrainUrbex Draining

Went on an Urban Exploration adventure to the large and varied underground storm drain called Accommodator with Darkday. We had heaps of fun and took lots of photos

Wool Spin WomanBrisbane InfiltrationBrisbane Graffiti

Darkday faces off against an annoyed inter-dimensional Inferno Monster. He can sense her weapon holds Ice rounds and is not attacking

Queensland Urbex SilhouetteUrbex Pipe FireAustralian Graffiti

The Accommodator storm drain is a big, easy, long(ish), fun underground urban exploration

Urban Exploration TunnelQueensland GraffitiSexy Milf Bike Girl

There is some interesting sides pipe explores in this drain and there is heaps of graffiti everywhere

DrainingUnderground ExplosionUrbex Draining

We love to do some wool spinning when we go underground draining. An Accommodator storm drain is so big and awesome for spins

Urban Exploration Bike WomanAccommodator TunnelUnderground Explorer

Darkday rode her BMX stunt bike (called Snoop) into the Accommodator storm drain

Storm Drain Bike GirlAccommodator Drain OutflowUnderground Urbex Draining

The last part of the drain has the best reflections I ever seen in a drain, but we have to be very careful because the floor is very slippery

Urban Exploration Photography

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Accommodator is an awesome storm drain for an easy underground urban exploration adventure.

We love underground storm draining :)

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