My Urbex Safety Tips

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This guide is designed for me, to help me, re-focus my mind, body & gear, before going on an Urbex Mission.

Urbex is very dangerous. Don't Do It! Just Say No! But if u have to.....Be Prepared...Be Careful...Succeed....

Storm Drain Exploration Safety Equipment

The Torch
The Biggest Risk in a Drain to me is -- Torch Failure!! -- Most Drains are in the TOTAL PITCH BLACK DARKNESS !!!
As a Test, I tried to Exit a Storm Drain Using NO TORCHES!!!. I lasted 30 seconds, before utter panic set in & ground me to a halt

This is the Torch Set that I carry at all times while draining (I actually take more torches than this to do Light Painting)  
Head Torch --->  Wear it on your head. Keeps your hands are free to climb, balance, take pics, help others, etc
Waterproof Torch --->  If you fall into the deep water and get completely soaked - this torch could Save Your Life!!
Spare Torch --->  Always have a backup torch. Get a powerful  pen light torch (light and small)
Spare Batteries --- > for at least one Torch.  (This has saved me a few times)

I wear reef shoes They are very grippy, protect your feet well, are designed to be worn in the wet, & wash out and dry easily
The ones I have worn on most of my adventures are --> Problue Low-Cut Neoprene Boots $35
This is where I got my reef shoes from.
I wouldn't recommend reef shoes bought from BigW or Kmart, etc.
The soles were to soft and did not provide enough foot protection. But could do in a pinch ( we did wear a set of them for a short while)
I hear volleys are good drain shoes, but I have never worn them

A Backpack
Put all your stuff in them. Keeps your hands free to climb, balance, take pics, help others, etc
If it's a very small drain you can wear the backpack on your chest. Its awkward but doable

More Things I Take Draining
Small Dry Bag (To put my phone, keys, etc)
Phone, keys, cash,
Water, chocolate, energy drink, Ibuprofen
spare clothes & socks/shoes (in the car)

Urbex Area Awareness
I must be looking around at all times as I move thru the Drain or Abando
My head must be on a swivel and spinning around looking for danger and/or opportunity
Do not be distracted and move forwards, eg reviewing camera pics and walking forwards
I have seen people fall off drop offs, bang there heads and step in deep holes while not paying attention
These Urbex areas are not designed for people. Be super wary of your footing, headspace and travel space

Abandoned Site Exploration Tips & Insights

Some Bad things I have encountered in abandos
Unstable Floor or Stairs (Quite a few) - go spread out, no moshing
Asbestos (Quite a few) - get a small mask, try not to stir up dust

Needles (Not very many) - don't do drugs
Squatters (Not very many) - give em money for tips or other near by abandos
Security (Not very many)

Draining & Abando Tips that apply to both fields

People To Explore With
I personally try to explore with just one other person --> my trusted buddy Darkday
I know what she is going to do most times. This gives confidence  knowing she is on my six and communicating what she is doing
We have done training together and discussed what we do in most circumstances. We are a good urbex team
I have explored with other people and it was great but I felt I did not follow my My Urbex Goals & Rules
So find a urbex buddy, train with them, cherish them, nurture them, nourish them and go exploring!

Things not to Take Exploring
Marker Pens, Paint, Tools, Maps, Old Pics on my Camera, Bad Attitude

My Urban Exploration Attitude 
My Urbex Goals & Rules ---> To Urbex Drains & Abandos, & take amazing photos & do it Safely, & without getting into trouble
This goal helps to guide me, on my Urbex Adventures
When draining, I must understand, that I am going where it is not designed for people to go
I must be mentally prepared to face new challenges that I will not normally come across
I must have an initial goal of what I want to achieve. eg explore the drain safely & take a set of great photos
Mental Skills Sets to have --> Adaptable, resourceful, cautious, intuitive, prepared,
Physical Skill Sets to have ---> Climbing, balance, fitness, health, good immune system

Getting Caught
I have been nabbed before. A security guard spotted me & I spotted him, so i went up and talked to him. I was polite and nice and happy. I told the truth that I was only taking photos and that the place is amazing. He agreed it was an amazing place, then he told me off, & threatened to have me charged, took my name and details, and sent me on my way! Nothing else happened! So be cool and nice and all could be well.

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