Xotica Ekweleksotika - Underground Brisbane Brick Storm Drain

Urbex BrissyUnderground DrainStorm Drain
Ekweleksotika or Xotica for short, is a beautiful old brick storm drain that lays under the ground in Brisbane

Abandoned Mental Hospital & Asylum with No Floorboards - Extreme Urbex

Brisbane Urbexurbex AsylumUrban Exploration Brisbane

Went on a Urban Exploration adventure to the Abandoned Insane Asylum. It's an extreme Urbex because there are no floorboards!

The Big Abandoned Textitle Factory - A Brisbane Urbex Treasure

Urbex Textile FactoryBrisbane UrbexUrbex Infiltration

Went on an exciting and adventurous urban exploration mission (or urbex for short) to The Big Abandoned Textile Factory

Willy Triple - A Brisbane Storm Drain built with Concrete and Steel

dsankt drainUnderground Silhouetteurbex photographer

We went on a very exciting and adventurous Urban Exploration of the Brisbane RCP Storm Drain called Willy Triple. It was a super cold , wet but fun Urbex until a small slippery accident happened and Darkday fell completely into the water