Xotica Ekweleksotika - Underground Brisbane Brick Storm Drain

Urbex BrissyUnderground DrainStorm Drain
Ekweleksotika or Xotica for short, is a beautiful old brick storm drain that lays under the ground in Brisbane

Storm Drain BrisinfiltrationBrick Drain

The amazing green roof is green because this storm drain is fully tidal and sometimes fills up to the top

Urban ExplorationBrisbane DrainBrisbane Brick Drain

The brick arches were perfectly beautiful to walk through and wonder about

Light Painting BrisbaneStorm Drain LoveStorm Drain Brisbane

A little bit of double angle light painting at the pipe change over section

underground Brisbaneinfiltration BrisbaneMilf sexy hot

This RCP led to another exciting adventure of a different kind

urban explorationinfiltration

Some light painting down the wide and low pipe

urbex Brisbaneurban exploration BrisbaneAustralian Urbex

Getting to this part in the storm drain was a tight adventure

EkweleksotikaUrbex Queensland

The Urban Exploration of the Ekweleksotika or Xotica Brick Storm Drain was an amazing adventure.
This Brick Storm Drain in Brisbane is a thing of beauty

Xotica or Ekweleksotika, the Underground Brisbane Brick Storm Drain is awesome to explore

We Love to explore

Xotica the Underground Brisbane Brick Storm Drain was amazing to explore